Patrick Swayze, Be My Valentine

Swayze, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

1. You’re basically a triple threat. You sang “She’s Like The Wind” (it came on my Pandora this morning while I was getting ready and I just about died), danced and acted in Dirty Dancing, all while rocking a pretty naughty body and wearing cool shirts. I liked how you told Baby’s dad that he couldn’t put her in the corner. That was pretty damn cool of you, Swayze. And yo, that movie was sexy.

2. You played a freaking drag queen in To Wong Foo, because you are that awesome. Speaking of, you made a very beautiful, very sassy drag queen. Your character, Vida Boheme, inspired me in middle school and high school, and I’m not making this up (seriously, I wouldn’t make that up…it’s not every day that a straight girl is inspired by a drag queen in 90’s clothes). But Vida taught me to be who I am, to love myself and others, to work it like there’s no tomorrow, and to always moisturize. Also, that there can be such a thing as a “Say Something” Hat Day. Respect.

3. Two words: The Outsiders. You, being all stern and sexy and bad. Meow, mister. Meow.

4. I heard you were pretty good in Ghost.

I was very sad when you got pancreatic cancer, so my friend sent me this sketched on a post card. It is almost anatomically correct. Also, it nearly-accurately depicts how angry your pancreas was. I feel like you would’ve laughed at this, because if you can’t laugh, what the hell can you do?
Cry. The answer is cry. And I feel like you would’ve rather laughed than cried.


When you died, Swayze, I mourned properly. I really felt you were a beautiful, beautiful person, inside and out, and you seemed to carry with you this radiance that…I don’t really know, but when I think about how wonderful and caring you were I get all confused and overwhelmed. So thank you. Thank you for overwhelming me. I’m disappointed I never actually knew you, but you made me feel like I did, and that’s pretty amazing.

Cheers, and Happy Valentines Day

12 thoughts on “Patrick Swayze, Be My Valentine

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  1. Ghost — Yes, you have to see it. One of the best romantic movies ever. And, I know this is a total guy thing, but as corny as it is, “Roadhouse” (where he plays a bouncer in a small town run by a ruthless wanna-be mobster type) with Sam Elliott is still one of those movies I have to watch from time to time. Great stuff!

  2. So, Ryan Gosling was right in ‘Crazy, Stupid, Love’ and the whole dirty dancing-lif her in the air-slide her down your chest-move does work! Or at least it does when you’re Patrick Swayze or Ryan Gosling..

  3. No one can fully appreciate the awesomeness of Swayze until they see the TV show that catapulted him to stardom. It was a mini-series called, “North and South,” about a Confederate and a Yankee who found a way to remain friends throughout the Civil War. Swayze as the Confederate absolutely stole the show, even among a cast of countless movie stars. I have watched that mini-series countless times and I love it each time. Never get tired of it. He’s amazing! You can find it on DVD at Amazon or perhaps on Netflix.

  4. Nice salute to Swayze. Real nice. Definitely watch the DVD of North and South. Awesome mini-series and most people’s introduction to Patrick Swayze. That mini-series also brought us Kirsty Alley and Jonathan Frakes — He became Star Trek guy. Anyway, go watch it.

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