Clean (Sorority) Sister

While you wait for my next post (coming soon, I promise — it involves zoos and eggs and homosexuality, so get excited), I wanted to tell you about an awesome blog that y’all should check out!

My gal pal and sorority sister Alaina has started a blog called Clean Sister about her endeavors making the switch to all-natural beauty products. She’s gotten super into it and is helping me semi-transition as well! (I will never stop wearing Mac makeup though, sorry…it’s an addiction). We like to make trips to the local Co-Op to buy natural shampoo, etc, and she has some amazing tips on which products work best!

Plus, we go on regular Thai food dates, and I love her. She’s one of the greatest friend’s I’ve ever had, and I’d love if you checked her out! (Her blog, you creeps, not her hot bod.)

Until tomorrow…CHEERS!

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