My Life is Nothing Without Strawberries

Eat ALL the fruit!
Eat ALL the fruit!

I love strawberries. So. Much. I also like anything strawberry flavored, so keep that in mind around holidays and my birthday. 

So lately, as you know, I’ve been super into getting healthy, so I’ve been eating way more fruits and veggies. For breakfast, I’ve been eating toast with sunflower seed butter (it is from the gods, I swear – lighter than peanut butter, so much better) and sliced strawberries on top. Weird sounding, I know, but absolutely delicious and full of protein and awesome. Don’t go too crazy with the sunflower butter, cuz it’s pretty fatty, but it’s the same as peanut butter so I figure I might as well go for it.

Also, Morning Star Black Bean Chipotle burgers. AHHHHHHHH. They’re totally veggie, but I’m not vegetarian and even I like them better than a real burger. They’re a bit spicy and really surprisingly juicy.

Anyway, eat these things. Your life will improve, I swear.

7 thoughts on “My Life is Nothing Without Strawberries

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  1. I like sunflower butter. Delish. My life is the same as yours only i WILL DIE without raspberries. You should make a strawberry muffin!

    1. Mmmmm that sounds so good! I’ll totally look up a recipe for tomorrow :)
      And raspberries are amazing too, so I feel ya there.

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