Watch the Sun Come Up

It did not look like this, but it did feel just as spectacular.
It did not look like this, but it did feel just as spectacular.

There’s nothing particularly novel about being awake early enough in the morning to watch the sun come up, but it was a rather new experience for me. I’ve only seen it a few times in my life, and none of those times have been after being awake all night talking about girl thangs with my girl frans.

I had a wonderful time yesterday, watching Brave with a couple girl friends (If you had a chance to change your fate, would ya?) and chatting about wonderful things until 4 in the morning. At that point, we decided that there was no point in going to bed, so we drove to the cliffs and watched the sunrise. Sort of. Mostly we looked at some clouds that we knew the sun was behind, but it was lovely all the same.

Y’all, birds are really lively at 5 a.m.

Then we went to a diner at 6, where we were the only customers under 50, and wished we were regulars so we could order “the usual.” Here’s something we came up with: Walk into a restaurant you’ve never been to, sit down, and say, “I’ll have my usual, Frank” to the waiter, whose name is probably Alex or something. Confusion and hilarity ensue, right?

Anyway, there’s too much awesome to explain about last night. Besides, I was so sleep deprived I honestly can’t remember some parts. And I’m still pretty sleep deprived, so as I type my body can’t decide whether I’m asleep or awake.

It was a really top night, followed by a really top morning, followed by an absolute crash and day-sleeping, followed by an evening shift at work that was surprisingly manageable. All in all, I’d say life’s pretty wonderful.

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  1. I can never wake up early. I love Brave, I know that birds are really annoying early in the morning, I can’t see the sunrise in Seattle, and I like Norah Jones. :)

  2. Love that song. When I was a teen and in the early twens, we were often partying on the beach. Staying their until the sun rises above the baltic sea. In case you weren’t badly drunk, it was a wonderful sight, otherwise you were fighting to keep the horizon somewhat static.

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