I Did Not Come Here For Staring

Ah yes, another post about the gym. I hate the gym (still) even though I’m steadily losing weight and feeling less blimp-ish when I wear my gym shorts and trot along on a treadmill. I really, really, really hate the gym.

It is too inside. There are too many walls. Of course, walls are necessary in order to support the roof of the gym, so I guess I’m pretty glad they’re there, and gyms are kind of inherently indoor facilities, but…I work inside for 8 hours a day. I need to breathe real air when I’m done.
I just have a problem with how muggy gyms are, and how the oxygen gets depleted and then there’s a weird fan blowing sad air on me while I sadly do my ab workout on a nasty mat that nobody has cleaned in 6 years and has pieces of foam missing from it, like a baby was set loose in the gym and ate part of it. Stop. I don’t enjoy this.

And anyway, gyms these days are more like libraries than real libraries…Everyone silently works out by themselves, with their headphones in or staring at the muted TV (by the way, watching Jeopardy on mute with subtitles is surprisingly disturbing. The contestants look really uncomfortable, like they’re being held there against their will). My sister and I get really giggly at the gym, and then we feel like jerks, like we’re supposed to be quiet and just miserably get on with our workouts. We will not have fun here. Being in shape is not fun. Being in shape is serious business, and if you’re not an expert on getting in shape, then just get out of here. I have been silently getting in shape for 10 years and look how happy I am now. Look at my arm muscles! They’re bigger than my head. I’m so attractive.

Then you get some weirdo staring at you, and you can’t tell if it’s because they’re attracted to you (probably not, because I look like a wreck when I go to the gym, which is a fact that I am very proud of, actually) or if they hate you…because the gym is for hatred. I did not come here for staring, sir, I came here for exercise. And I would appreciate if you wouldn’t creep me out while I contort my body into weird forms and lift my butt in the air for some very questionable glute exercises.
Speaking of, the gym is the only place in the world where you can lay on your back with your legs spread and not seem like a complete twit. Normally it’s not acceptable to practically flash your lady bits to the whole world, but apparently in this muggy, sad gym it’s not only accepted, it’s expected. I still feel weird doing it…

Basically, I’ve taken to riding my bike a couple times a week and going to the gym less frequently. I will breathe fresh air if it kills me. Which it won’t. Because it’s fresh air, and that’s good for you.


11 thoughts on “I Did Not Come Here For Staring

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  1. Joining a gym sort of seems like a good idea at the time, but they are quite awful places. I used to just go to the classes because I couldn’t leave and it was the only was I’d stay more than 20 minutes.

  2. Definitely agree…when you are taking a huge gulp from your water bottle and look up and someone is staring right at you…awkward and weird! The hundred’s of mirrors in gyms make it worse as well!

      1. Seattle…is….quite wet. I feel you. It’s raining right now. I tell all of my friends that we don’t know what sun and summer is.

  3. I agree. I often tell my husband that I don’t run because I either need to be running TO something (like ice cream) or FROM something (like an assailant). Treadmills make no sense because you’re essentially staying in the same place.
    I still go to the gym though. I watch “30 Rock” episodes and giggle loudly. And no one can hear me because they all have headphones in too.
    Keep it up!

  4. The silence is very disturbing and it’s very stinky. And yes, I hate it when I feel eyes staring at me while I’m running on the treadmill.

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