Make Me Accountable

I was going to do all these things to be more spiritual, well rounded, and happy. And I started over the summer when I had time to focus on them. Now I have time, but I’ve become scatterbrained and keep forgetting/being lazy. Make me do these things, dear readers!

– Start learning Hindi. I bought a Rosetta Stone course which cost a pretty penny and started practicing but…alas, I haven’t even opened it in 2 months. I want to go to India in a few years and I need to not suck at speaking their language. Also it would honestly just be cool to read the Bhagavad Gita in Hindi and feel closer to the text.

– Meditate every 3 days. I was meditating for 20 minutes a day over the summer but I live in a sorority and need to find a closet or something to be alone in.

– Write more. This includes blogging, but mostly includes the poetry I was writing over the summer. I went to poetry readings, y’all! I read poems about love out loud and it was brilliant. Make me do this again.

– Send my short story in for publication. It’s actually good, and I want people to read it for real.

Anyway, this is less on you and more a way of making myself think about what I want in life. So cheers, and thanks for helping me be a productive member of today’s society. Seriously. Otherwise I will just sit in my room and read books about Diwali and never do anything real.

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  1. Hi Cappy,

    How are you on this lovely morning? Of course, where you are it isn’t morning yet, but here, in the old continent, it is. The sun is shining, I’m having the day off and I’m reading your blog with a cup of tea and some Danish pastry. Basically just having a nice day so far.

    Now if I may, this muffin would like to share his own experience on the matter at hand. Do not feel guilty about not studying Hindi. You can’t know everything, and no one will blame you for it. I speak 4 languages by now, and from experience I can tell you that if you’re not using a language on a very regular basis, preferably with a native speaker, it’s very hard to hold on. I know because I’ve tried it with Arabic back when I had a Moroccan girlfriend and I wanted to impress her parents, who also spoke Dutch but I just wanted to make a good impression. I’ve studied it for 2 years, but apart from a few words everything is gone by now. Invest the time in something fun; go outside, meet new people. You already have enough to study.

    Meditate every day, but for shorter periods. Start with 10 minutes, but do so every day. If you find it hard to have a moment to yourself, try doing it in the morning or hang a ‘do not disturb or you will be shot’-sign at the door. The morning is by default the best time to do this anyway. Fresh out of bed. However you’re not restricted to do doing this indoors or even sitting. I sometimes meditate during running as well, but you could just as well take a walk or a stroll in the park. As with everything repetition is key; so everyday 10 minutes, or less on the more difficult days, is better than 3 times 20. Don’t feel guilty if you miss a day; it’s not a competition. You could also try to googling Tara Stiles. I’ve met her once and she’s a brilliant person and source of inspiration.

    Yes, write more and share it with the world. Send me your story! I might have deleted my facebook account, but you do have my mail address.

    Finally I shall leave you with some poetry. Not my own unfortunately.

    Into my heart an air that kills
    From yon far country blows:
    What are those blue remembered hills,
    What spires, what farms are those?

    That is the land of lost content,
    I see it shining plain,
    The happy highways where I went
    And cannot come again.

    Sorry for the long comment, but I do have the day off :) Take care, my fair lady.

    1. Hans,
      I’d missed you, my dear friend! I love the advice, and will take it all into account :) and thank you for the gorgeous poem!
      I really do love everything you say to me, you sweet thing. I send my best from America!

  2. If you can, watch ‘The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel’ (; it’s a movie with all these older British actors. I’m sure you’ll love it.

    And if you like to time your meditation, there’s a great app called Zazen Suite ( Don’t buy the in-app sounds, they’re a bit of a rip-off, but the app itself is great.

    What’s the short story about? Give your blog readers a sneak preview.. Can’t you publish it here? In episodes. Or you maybe you’re sitting on something big and you’re first trying to sell the movie rights.. Very clever. Maybe it’s even something J.K. Rowling big..

  3. I love how you’re being so intentional Cappy & using the blog to keep you accountable on what you want to accomplish! Telling others about what you want to accomplish is already a HUGE step toward making them happen. We also always love encouraging people to use the “SMART” tool for setting goals that will set them up for the biggest chance of success:

    S for SPECIFIC (Exactly how will you do this? What SPECIFIC ACTIONS & STEPS will you take to accomplish it?)

    M for MEASURABLE (Put some #s to it! How many times per day/week/month? How many minutes/hrs? )

    A for ATTAINABLE: (You must be willing & able to work toward achieving it — It should be a little out of reach, but not out of sight. Be honest with yourself – don’t set yourself up for failure!)

    R for REWARDED: (Come up with a way to reward yourself along the way and upon successful completion)

    T for TIMED: (What day will you start & what day will you check in on your progress?)
    Love your post & best of luck on your future goals!

    Best of luck with accomplishing everything on your list Cappy! With writing them down & sharing them with others, you’re already over half-way there :)

  4. I love your blog and that you’re trying to improve yourself. I once knew French, but as Hans said, after time and without regular use, you loose it.

    Keep at it though! You sound like a lovely and determined young lady!


  5. You want to learn Hindi, really? I’m from Bombay, and I’ve lived in India for the past eight or nine years and my Hindi still sucks… MAJORLY. Haha! But good luck with learning the language – I’m sure you will be better at it than I will ever be. I want to learn French, as soon as I get off off this broken leg of mine! This was an inspiring post, in a general sense. :-)

  6. This post made me so happy (for entirely selfish reasons)! I struggle with the same thing… accountability. Such a big word can be intimidating, eh? I mean, there are so many other smaller, easier words to worry about… like sleep, read, daydream, iron the sheets….. you get it. But hey, just wanted to say, I feel ya. And love your blog =)

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