Rain, Rain, You Can Stay

Rain makes me write poetry. Well, more specifically my professor makes me write poetry, but rain definitely helps me get into the mood. On a semi-related note, I already misplaced my brand new copy of The Complete Works of Sylvia Plath. Way to go, Caps. Clean your room.

Anyway, we were given an assignment in class to write a poem with a bunch of requirements (I’ll spare you, but I’ll post the poem below. It’s a rough draft so don’t you dare get sassy).

This week has been good because poetry.



This body, free and cold
has the arms of a goddess
who softly abducts shells, kidnaps crabs and
molds motes around castles in the sand.

Quietly sloshing at the surface, licking toes,
she seduces young couples
who sneak to the cliffs and kiss from here to eternity.

Diving, bubbling, shimmering,
a siren stealing treasure chests from sunken ships.
Her fingertips
like tiny tentacles
graze a sailor’s chest
and pull him
her song fading to silence as water replaces air.

She looks like peace.
Yawning, she captures, entrances, drawing all to her feet
promising darkness and serenity, yet
forgetting to mention the loneliness of her depth.

So we bob along, and some disappear,
tiny toys in her vastness.

9 thoughts on “Rain, Rain, You Can Stay

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  1. That is some bad-ass poetry :) What did your professor think about it?

    I’ve missed you, Cappy. How have you been? Don’t follow Sylvia in her footsteps (or Virginia Woolf for that matter, but do watch ‘The hours’), but please, post more of your work here.

    Rain always gives me a sort of melancholic feeling. On the one hand, it makes me want to reads books, drink hot cocoa and stare out of the window, start cocooning (and I hope that one day I’ll meet somebody again to cocoon with). On the other hand, it reminds me of Keswick and long mountain walks, steak and ale pie in the evening, an open fireplace, wine and a warm glow inside. I miss that.

  2. Wow!! I wasn’t expecting that, for some reason I thought it was an article about Sylvia Plath, but I’m glad it wasn’t. Excellent poetry, I can see that you are also a big fan of Plath… I can see the influence…. and hear it in the sounds of the poem… Excellent, thank you…
    By sheer chance my blog is called “I’m Gonna Study The Rain”, but unfortunately it’s not a list of statistics about Rain… It’s just poetry and stuff. Thanks again.

    1. That’s the highest compliment I’ve ever gotten about my poetry, so thank you thank you :) I appreciate it so much. I’ll have to stop by yours! I love poetry obviously, and rain is fun to write about for sure. Cheers, and thanks again!

  3. Love the poem, Caps. Very evocative with great detail. Love the opening line. But am especially drawn to this one: “Her fingertips
    like tiny tentacles
    graze a sailor’s chest
    and pull him
    her song fading to silence as water replaces air.”

    1. Everything’s great lately :) I’ve been happy and haven’t been blogging much but will soon! Thanks for checking in on me Hans :)
      I turned my portfolio in a week ago so I should be hearing back soon! I’ll keep you posted!

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