Fall Is Not For Lattes

A photo of my gorgeous college campus last fall.

Every girl in college is excited about fall because “yay pumpkin spice lattes, cozy sweaters, and boots!” This isn’t to say I’m not excited about those things too, because I love me a chunky sweater and some tall boots (pumpkin spice lattes are another matter entirely — my taste buds are very friendly but do not wish to tango with pumpkin spice ever again), but it is to say that there are a lot more wonderful things about fall than sweaters.

This is my favorite season. How could you not want to spend every waking moment outside (or at least looking outside) in fall? Every breath you take is filled with the smell of earth, of leaves, of cold, and everywhere you look there’s a new color you’ve never seen before. The world has changed for us to simply look at. We’re always so preoccupied with doing, making but in fall, all you have to do is watch. These silent changes happen over night, and as you wake up, throwing open the curtains, the earth reveals a startlingly red tree that was yellow the night before, or a bare tree that was fully covered yesterday. Am I the only one who wishes I could be constantly awake in fall so I could see the changes happen slowly before my eyes?

The eye was never tired of gazing, night or day, in calm or storm, it suffered but one grief, and that was that it could not look always, but must close sometimes in sleep.Mark Twain, Roughing It.

I wonder if this is how it feels to be in love: to want to stare into your partner’s eyes and simply look, observe, because just their heartbeat, the fact that they’re alive, is enough. That’s what fall is. It’s the long moments of serenity you feel when you just watch something unfold and grow before you, attaining new levels of life right before your eyes.

Spring is a time of rebirth and growth, and fall is when everything shifts to sustain that life through hardship. It’s like a mother, who gets you ready for bed and kisses you goodnight before winter comes and covers you with its cold blanket. Fall is our protector, our guardian.

So breathe, because it’s fall, and fall smells like life.

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  1. Hi it’s me again, I’m liking your ways of thinking. Firstly I thought it was a necessity to have “Autumn” as your preferred season if your harbored any serious thoughts of writing poetry. I’m amazed that you said about colours that have never been seen before because I thought that was my concept but hey we can share it, there’s a post I did on my blog and here is a shameless link
    Your so right about things happening so unexpectedly, last Autumn I watched different types of trees turn colours a different times and I thought I knew a time-scale of sorts, but to my disappointment the Ethereal blaze of crimson, cinnabar and vermilion trees that I thought had 2 more majestic weeks left were all but bare two days later. “Colours of Autumn reassure me that dying will be beautiful” Keep up the excellent posts, and would it be wrong of me to try and get you to use the word Autumn instead of Fall, I’m on a mission, Sylvia Plath used it, honestly…
    Bye for now.

    1. I’m hooked on “autumn” now. It’s a much more beautiful way to say it…I wonder why I didn’t in the original post.
      I like that line about reassuring you that dying will be beautiful. That’s gorgeous, and if you thought it up then congrats :)
      I’ll definitely have a look at your link, there’s no shame!
      Autumn-lovers unite :)

      1. Excellent for converting from Fall to Autumn, and yes that line about dying will be beautiful was a haiku I wrote last Autumn so thank you for your kind words. Take care now, bye..

      2. It’s interesting to me that you have to “convert” to using “autumn” instead of fall. I guess that’s what Americans do instead of those of us who use British-English?

  2. I’m slightly jealous – it’s spring over here and although it’s slowly getting warmer and things are blooming into quite a pretty scene, you just made me fall in love with fall (or autumn) all over again <3
    Love the way you express yourself :)

      1. All in good time! :)
        And it’s really about perspective. There’s beauty in every season, we just have to keep an eye out. Here’s hoping we get to enjoy them all again and again :)

  3. Wonderful! This is a very beautiful ode to the fall.

    My favourite time of the year either.

    But I don’t like the last part of it (the fall, not your writing). You know the nasty last weeks of it where the winter is almost there. Everything is no leaves, no earthly smell, everything is grey, it’s shitty cold and stormy. It makes me stay inside and don’t bother to watch outside. Cause there’s nothing to be seen anymore.

  4. It’s easy to love fall when you have a campus like that! If you could see the monotonous grey that hangs outside my office window, i’m sure you’d see it differently……

  5. I love autumn, for all the reasons you listed and so much more. I love how it’s warm enough, and I get to look forward to wearing “decent clothing” after months spent in barely-there shirts and shorts or summer dresses. I also love that hayfever tends to dwindle off!

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