Frisbee Waffles and Other Things I Can Make

Act 1:

I’ve learned a lot about myself in the last week. I know I’m good at doing dishes (and I’m almost constantly doing them, to be honest…the minute they’re clean, I eat again and have to clean them again), dusting (I’ve only dusted under pressure from my mom, never voluntarily, so this is new for everyone involved), and being generally tidy (who knew?). So I’m accidentally turning into an adult who actually functions properly in real life.

I’ve also learned that I make terrible waffles that probably could double as really sturdy frisbees, I’m stingy about heat (I never turn my heater on unless I’m actually shivering), and when I get bored I paint my nails (badly).

But. I can make an excellent salad dressing (balsamic vinegar, olive oil, a touch of honey, squeeze of lime, squirt of sriracha, salt, pepper. You’re welcome), and I’m kind of the best stir-fryer east of…um…probably east of like one block over…I don’t know, really, actually my stir fries aren’t that amazing. But they’re good. They’re not bad. They’re somewhere between mediocre and excellent.


My upstairs neighbors have a dog and it’s howling. I’m pretty sure it’s a Chihuahua or something though, because the howl is rather high pitched.

Act 2:

As you’ve probably gathered, I no longer live in my sorority house. Actually, I’m no longer a member of the sorority at all. I dropped between semesters, and it feels good. I don’t think it was right for me to be in a sorority anymore, not that there was actually anything inherently bad about Greek life or sororities in general or my sorority specifically. I loved my time there, and it really did help me see what I want in life. Unfortunately, in order to go for those goals, I couldn’t dedicate my time to the house. It was tough, but the decision was made after a lot of thought, and there were definitely a few tears shed (of sadness and stress, mostly).

So to those of you who are…were…my sorority sisters and are reading this and weren’t informed by me in person…I’m sorry you’re reading it on my blog. Technology makes everything different, huh? It would’ve been weird to make a huge announcement or something, since to me this changes very little about our relationships as friends. I promise I still love you. And we can still hang out! And cook together. Just please don’t ask for waffles.


12 thoughts on “Frisbee Waffles and Other Things I Can Make

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    1. I feel the same way! I do such a good job staying on top of them, and then I make dinner and…mountain. I never realized how many dishes I used before when I had a dishwasher…

  1. Hang on, I need another piece of paper. I’m taking notes because this ‘functioning properly in real life’ thing seems pretty important.

    So glad to hear you got a difficult decision out of the way; lord do I know how being in ‘limbo’ can weigh a gal down!

  2. I don’t know if you’ve seen that one vine with the frisbee waffles that some guy chucks out the window while driving. Now you have something to do with those waffles! ;)

  3. Here it’s easier of course. I can just buy the original, no need to bake anything; Belgian waffles, still warm when they had them to you :)

    You’re making the right choices. I’m both proud and happy for you; everything will work out just fine. It’s been a while, my computer broke down, all sorts of other things came up.. But I’ve got a new one now; one with a piece of fruit on the front of it.

    And you were always on my mind :)

    1. Hans! I’d missed you! So glad you’re back. I’ve had a lot of computer issues this year too so I know the feeling. Honestly I wish computers weren’t so integral to our lives because I’d prefer to live without one.
      I’m on my phone right now so I can’t follow the link you posted but I’ll look soon :) xo

      1. Going all ‘Into the wild’… The concept looks more and more attractive in this crazy world. Just inhabiting a bus in Alaska, gazing at the stars at night.

        PS: I will be happy to FedEx you some waffles, but I think they might lose their charm along the way.. Belgian chocolate on the other hand.. :)

        The link was a song by Wille Nelson I heard on the radio (I think the original is by Elvis).

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