Cool It, People

Lately, I’ve had a few adults (and I say adults like I’m not one because they’re my parents’ age and also because I refuse to grow up) make sassy and inappropriate comments about my appearance. “Oh my goodness, what have you done to your hair? And you’ve got things in your nose!” When I hear these comments, I never quite know how to react, so I default to laughing a little and sort of ignoring the fact that I was just insulted tremendously by someone who should know better.

Maybe I should put them in their place, say, “Listen, sister, you better cool it because that’s rude and you’re clearly an ignorant moron.” Maybe I should forget everything I’ve ever learned and believed about nonviolence and just throw a glass of wine in their face — glass included. But today I’ve decided to just have a mini-rant on the internet because that’s what feels necessary. A little bebe PSA on how to act, because you’re an adult, and you know what you say is hurtful.

Yes, I choose to look this way. I choose to dye my hair and pierce my nose and have tattoos. But other people have a choice, too. They can either accept me for the way that I am, or judge me for what they see on the surface. They can choose to actually explore the creativity and kindness I have to offer the world, or they can — through willful ignorance — decide that they don’t care to expend any effort by getting to know me.

I’m pretty tame looking, if we’re being honest. I know people with so many tattoos and piercings you barely know what color their skin was originally. It takes all kinds of people to make this world as gorgeous as it is, and for people to expect everyone to look and act just like them is pretty unrealistic and frankly a little ridiculous. People are going to have to get used to seeing colored hair and piercings and style choices that they don’t like, because welcome to real life — things change. People don’t wear corsets and wigs anymore, thank goodness. Styles and tastes progress.

I think the most important thing to take away is this: if you see someone and you decide you don’t like their hair or their clothes or their septum piercing or their massive leg tattoo, get over it. Choose to not get a tattoo for yourself, but don’t put others down for their personal choices. Those choices are some of the few that will literally never hurt you personally — my nose piercing impacts zero percent of your life. Don’t get one yourself, sure — it would be pretty weird to see everyone wandering around with septum piercings and mooing like cows — but shut the hell up about mine.

I’m proud of myself for being an individual. I’m glad I don’t look like every other 21 year old white girl on this planet. I’m happy that when I walk out my door I do it with integrity and don’t try to pretend to be someone I’m not. As long as we’re all expressing our true selves, I say rock on. And if you’ve got an issue with that, go complain about it to someone else.


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  1. At the end of the day (ooopsss cliche!) when all is said and done (ooopsss cliche again!!) the most important thing is not what people say it is… whether or not you still like chocolate and cheese… please say you do?
    Sorry, I know I should have said something like “it’s who you are that matters”, but that would’ve been three cliches in one sentence and that would just be embarrassing. Your hair looks lovely, if I had hair myself I would go for the same look.
    Now… do you still like chocolate and cheese?? It’s terribly important you know.

    I really should get more sleep

  2. I think you look quite pretty, to be honest. :) I haven’t really gotten any disparaging remarks about my piercings or appearance, so I guess I’m lucky. My parents resigned saying anything long ago when I started getting piercings and dying my hair. My hair is semi-natural now because of work (although, I dye the under-layer black) but I used to dye it pink and purple and blue. I still never got comments. I’m sure people did a double-take or stared, but I’m naturally quite oblivious. :P

    Like I’ve always said, since our bodies are our temple, and piercings and tattoos are our decorations, let’s show them off and be proud of them!

    1. Thank you, you sweet thing :) I’m glad you’ve gone without people being negative!!
      And yes, my body is a Hindu Temple. They’re adorned and covered in color and patterns, so I think I should be too. ;) xo

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