Healthy Living, or I Sexy-Danced for My Cat

I hate New Years Resolutions because I think that every day, not just January 1, presents an opportunity for change, but I think I’ve accidentally made one…

I’m going to lose weight. How much is my own business, and I share enough of my life on here as it is, but it’s really important to me that I lose it. I want to be healthy, feel better, get active, eat well. And…judging by how much pizza I ate last semester alone, this change is a little overdue. But better late than never, I guess! Plus…as much as I’m always yelling “love your body no matter what!” I want to feel sexy again, and it’s hard to do that when most of your clothes don’t fit. I suppose I could go all Lady Godiva on everyone, but I don’t particularly feel like getting arrested.

I’ve been back in my apartment for the last two days, and since then have been cooking for every meal, juicing, and exercising. Plus, I’ve had so much water that half of my life seems to be spent in the bathroom. Again, I share too much of my life on this blog. But I feel really good! A little more energetic and excited for the future. Y’all know how much I love to cook — the more complicated the recipe, the better — so this is fun for me.

The weather was gorgeous yesterday, so I went on a run around my neighborhood, past my old apartment. I bumped into an old friend — the little tiny kitty cat that lived upstairs — and she ran up to me for a cuddle. If every run involves snuggling tiny cats, I’ll lose this weight in no time.

But the weather changed today. It’s been so cold in my apartment that I checked at least 5 times to make sure the heater was actually working. There’s fog outside my window — so much that I can’t see outside. And so, with no other option but to stay inside and die slowly, I decided to work out and generate some body heat…and my sister had just given me a Zumba DVD.

Zumba is ridiculous. I probably burned more calories laughing at the instructors and myself than I burned from the actual workout. I kept yelling, “I CAN’T SALSA WHAT IS HAPPENING” while my cat stood under my feet and only just escaped being trampled at least three times. He retreated to his cat castle while I did this weird dance move that involved more shimmying than was really appropriate and I’m pretty sure I learned to booty-pop.

So I guess today’s lesson is…if you want to lose weight and you need to keep warm, you can always sexily dance for your cat.


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  1. This is wonderful to read! One of my resolutions is to lose some weight to feel better about myself, and while this has been a goal of mine for a while now I really want to commit to it. This post is wonderful representation of how to do this, be able to laugh at yourself and to not worry about what the scale says, but to worry about how you feel.

    1. Oh I’m so glad it was a good post for you! And very flattered, too.
      I think the trick to anything is to understand that you can laugh at yourself and it’ll help. I’m trying to be better at that. :)

  2. Zumba is more fun as an interactive experience. If you can’t find a class you like, you can always get the videogame format of your choice. Much of last year was me shaking my booty in front of the TV, controller on my hip, gaining party energy and achievement trophies. And approximately 20 pounds and thighs rubbing together less often later, I’m still having fun with it. Remember, it’s OK to feel utterly ridiculous and out of rhythm (and cuss out the instructor) while doing it–the key is to just keep moving. When in doubt, march in place! ;-)

  3. It’s actually not that hard. Today you get all these complicated schedules, systems, theories, complicated exercises… It’s like grandmother said: ‘Eat your veggies and go play outside.’. There’s really nothing more to it.

    If it has an ingredients list on it, don’t eat it. Only eat natural foods; nothing processed. Combine that with a 30 min run 3 times a week; and you’ll be fine :)

    Check out Pascale Naessens book, . She’s a bit of a rockstar in Belgium when it comes to cooking with pure ingredients.

    Recently discovered this Zen Habits website as well; has some interesting reads,

    To qoute Mandii: Best of luck darling!

    1. Ooh I’ll look at those sites for sure! And it hasn’t been hard so far — I love cooking and am having fun with veggies and stuff. Went on another run today — I love being outside. Xoxo :)

  4. It’s so funny to read your posts because it reminds me of my life and THAT makes me extremely happy because it means I’m not the only one who sexy dances for my cat!

    I went just graduated from college and I lived in my apartment alone with my cat for a few years. Let me tell you that going to college and being 5’7 weighing 120 pounds and then leaving college and weighing 160 made me feel horrible. But I realized that I wasn’t defined by how much I weighed and once I accepted that I started to like my body more. That made me want to treat it better. I’ve lost a lot of weight since I made that choice and while I still eat too much pizza, I’m trying to be better too. I totally get how you feel when you mentioned your clothes not fitting. I lived in sweats for a while because every time I put an outfit on I felt good until I stepped in front of the mirror. Keep at it girl, it’s so hard to get back into shape and be healthy but once you see your body changing you won’t want to stop and it’s an added bonus too feel fabulous again, clothed or Lady Godiva style. :)

    1. Thanks! It sounds like we’ve had similar journies! I’m so glad to hear youre doing well and are healthy. And you’re right…once I accepted my body for what it was/how i weighed, i wanted to take care of it more. I’m doing well so far so fingers crossed that I keep at it! Xo

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