A Quick Thought…

I’d just like to let everyone know that women aren’t really complaining about chivalry being dead…The only people I hear talking about chivalry are men who claim that women are upset about men not holding doors open for them.

Women want equal pay, equal rights, equal everything. I couldn’t give a shit if you hold a damn door open for me or like…throw your coat over a puddle so I can walk over it.

This is a non-issue, guys, and it’s distracting from real inequality and the real issues here. So let’s put it to bed: no one is concerned about the “death of chivalry.” Be polite, normal humans to men and women and intersex people and trans people, and let it go.

Now. Next step, equal rights. K thanks bye.


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  1. “This is a non-issue, guys, and it’s distracting from real inequality and the real issues here.” You mean like the fact that she claimed that she and other feminists have fought for equal rights for all others and now it is their turn? I missed the feminists at the last Asian American rally… we must not be “colored” or have fit into your agenda huh.

    Her own words “It’s time for all the women in America, and all the men that love women and all the gay people and all the people of color that we’ve all fought for – to fight for us now!”

    What a poor choice of words.

    1. The picture of Patricia Arquette just seemed to echo a sentiment I was expressing, so I understand why you might have thought I was only talking about what she said in her oscar speech.
      I think you got upset with me for things I didn’t actually say — I completely agree that Asian Americans deserve equal rights, and I’m also aware that they are paid less than white women, which is completely wrong. I

    2. I was specifically addressing men who complain that “women want us to be chivalrous but also want to be equal!” Because that’s not actually the issue here — the issue is the inequality of women (or as you have expressed, it is the inequality of anyone who isn’t a cis het white male, really) and we should be focusing on that.
      I’m sorry you’ve struggled for equal rights. I have too. Our struggles don’t have to be competitions. I’m aware of a lot of my privilege and im aware that im much more privileged than most, but we can work together for equality, we don’t have to fight amongst ourselves.

      1. I agree and we can work for the same thing even if we are under different banners right? :)

        I believe in equality for women, but I also grew up down South and will open a door for a woman without a second thought. :)

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