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I’m a 95-year-old man named Gary who still works at Krispy Kreme slingin’ donuts all day long just for the thrill of it. Join me as I take advantage of internet users everywhere by impersonating a 26-year-old woman named Cappy.

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      1. Awww I’m so glad I could :) Thank you so much for stopping by and for the kind words! They made me smile on a pretty stressful day, so you’ve returned the favor :)

    1. Moist and ointment and all other “oi” type words kinda sound weird. Bleehhhh they make me shiver.

  1. There used to be a post on ‘Foodstuffs’ if I remember correctly, but I can’t find it anymore.
    How is it going with the vegetarian intentions?

  2. Caps, have you ever heard of a web site called, She Writes? I just joined it, great place to meet other women writers and network. Anyway, I thought of you and if you haven’t yet joined (no fee, just a lot of perks), then I encourage you to do so. They have groups within it that you can join, and at least one of these groups is for young writers. Another is for humorist writers. You’d fit both, for sure. :)


  3. Hello Cappy,

    My name is Catherine, I’ve been reading your blog, I’m impressed by the quality of it’s presentation and layout and the hillarious way you write about lifestyle and entertainment, interesting funny articles.

    That is why I would love to add your blog in the blog directory for which I’m the admin. It’s a high web traffic, Page Rank 5 blog directory named Blogdire, http://www.blogdire.com, it’s visit count grows exponentially every day and has high quality gained by listing great blogs like yours, because it does not have advertisement nor pop-ups.

    Having your blog listed in my directory, will definitely improve it’s page rank in search engines, (like Google), and you will have many visits to leave nice comments and feedback, and of course, more people to enjoy your blog and share your interests.

    In exchange of becoming part of the directory, all I ask is a simple link to my site, I can assure you, the operation is extremely simple and there is no money involved.

    Let me know if you are interested and what you think.

    Kind regards,


  4. Between the Misty Look theme, your partnership with Girl on the Contrary and the striking similarities of your About page (to my own and to my likes, which DEFINITELY include British people, and DEFINITELY don’t include the word “moist”…or “panties”…okay that seems especially gross when they’re both mentioned in the same sentence. Oops), I think I’ve found a kindred spirit. Looking forward to reading your blog!

    1. Love me some GotC! :) And I’m glad we seem to be kindred spirits (I love when I find those). Thanks so much for reading and I look forward to finding other similarities between us!!!!!!

    1. I LOVE THAT VIDEO! I forget where I’ve seen that before but it always makes me SOOOOO happy thank you, just what I needed today:)

  5. Hello Cappy! I just discovered you through a Monica’s Tangled Web Tweet and am now a subscriber. Love your humor! I will be adding your URL to my blog’s “Required Reading” blog roll as well. I too LOVE to hear the British speak. Love accents ’cause being from Texas I never get to hear them .

    1. Oh wonderful!! I’m so glad you’ve stopped by and enjoyed. Means so much to me. Cheers and happy reading!

  6. Hi Cappy, I’m writing to see if you’d be interested in participating in a special blogging project I’m trying to put together.

    A colleague of mine has produced a documentary to air this October on PBS. It’s called “Race 2012.” Here’s a brief description:

    This fall, PBS debuts RACE 2012, a revealing and eye-opening documentary about color in America. By focusing on the upcoming presidential election as a lens through which to examine America’s increasingly complex racial landscape, the one-hour documentary will shed light on what impact race has on our national political landscape. How will today’s immigrants shape our electoral landscape? How will white voters react to their falling numbers and influence? What effect will the economic differences between whites and minorities have on America’s political future? RACE 2012 will offer viewers an informative view of the shifts that are transforming our nation.

    Caps, I’m reaching out to you because you’re young and have a fresh, crisp perspective. I’m looking for bloggers interested in blogging about the topic of race and the elections and what it means to them. Personal stories, insight, etc. I can send you more info on the program. The documentary hasn’t been completed but should be in early September. I’ll know more lnext week and may be able to send you a clip of the doc.

    Anyway, would love to have you on board, to write a post anytime between mid September thru end of October. Let me know your thoughts, whether you’d like to participate. If you do, your blog will be listed on the documentary website which will then link to the PBS website. If you email me at monicastangledweb@gmail.com I can send you our blogger primer, that explains more. Let me know!

    1. UM I LOVE CATS! Keep reading and you’ll find that out haha. Cheers and thanks! And best of luck with your blogging! Ill definitely stop by

  7. Perhaps it’s due to the weight of the ocpntaucs’ however the toupe is always noted as having a tonne of flex (occasionally to the point of breaking).I was loathed to run a Specialized saddle (on a non-Specialized bike) however I have been incredibly impressed with the Romin which works aesthetically and anatomically. I do however run Ritchey finishing kit .. (Yes, it’s a Canyon frameset I did also have an irrational distaste for their stuff. Not sure what they did in the early ’00 s that turned me off them so much)I suspect that you are still going to run (and then later change) the Regal-E though .

  8. Sometimes I like to lick Nutella off of a spoon. LOL. shhh.
    I don’t know if it looks sexy or not…
    Probably not.

    1. Licking anything off a spoon tends to ride right on the border of “that’s attractive” and “lets put you back in your cage at the asylum…”

    1. That’s such a nice thing to say. It’s so good to hear that people enjoy the blog.
      You should just start up a blog and write whatever comes to mind. Maybe people will feel the same way about you.

      1. Hey cappy love your blog. I have finally started my blog on which I review books. Do you read novels? Have an amazing day! Check out my blog! I am newbie here, just trying to promote my blog. Feel free to tell others bout my blog. Love u! 😊

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