The Hypnotist: A Book Review

Who, me? I just read what NPR tells me to. Okay, not exactly. But recently, yes. I heard about Lars Kepler's The Hypnotist on NPR last week. It sounded intriguing, if a little gruesome. And that's exactly what it ended up being. Except for the part where I was totally disappointed with the ending. The... Continue Reading →

Librarians are Superheroes

I have one thing to say: Librarians are superheroes. SUPER. HEROES. They can do anything! I bet when they're at home they go invisible or fly around and stuff. They are modern day Clark Kents. I read a book 3 years ago that I loved and wanted to read again, but I couldn't remember anything... Continue Reading →

New Book High

You like that new car smell? Fine, but I’m a little more partial to new book high. On my lunch break today, after I’d eaten my little sandwich and strawberries, I walked a few blocks to my town’s local book store. I want to LIVE in that store. There’s a smell (possibly comparable to new... Continue Reading →

The Etiquette of Life

I don't understand. Who said we were supposed to be all ladylike? I like being ridiculous, not making sense, and walking around with my finger up my nose. Okay, that last bit's a lie. But really, am I supposed to sit around and not make the hilariously inappropriate joke I want to make just because... Continue Reading →

I’m Famous.

I, Cappy the Magnificent, have been discovered. I know, you've been waiting for this for a while. You spotted it from the beginning, from my very first (surprisingly serious) posts. You were sure I'd be famous by now. Well, now your dreams have come true. I guess mine have too. Anyway, I've been contacted by... Continue Reading →

How It Went Down

Once upon a time, there was a little boy named Amazon, and his big brother was always watching him... In 2009, Amazon remotely removed 1984 (along with Orwell's Animal Farm) from customers' Kindles. The books were removed after Amazon realized that they did not have the rights to digitally publish the books on Kindles, and... Continue Reading →

I’m Accidentally Delusional

I'm the girl who shouts at people for saying Harry Potter is fictional (he isn't!). I'm the one who, after reading Harriet the Spy, hid in bushes wearing green and brown and spied on my neighbors. I want to be Peter Pan, but I wouldn't mind settling for Robin Hood. At night, I dream about riding dragons... Continue Reading →

Random Strangers

Why I Blog I don't usually stop and ask myself why I do things, but recently I've been wondering why I blog. Here's what I've come up with: 1. I want to make myself known in a world full of millions of writers, most of whom are a lot better at writing than I am. I want some... Continue Reading →

Dream Job

I don’t have a dream job, because I never sleep. Why? Because as soon as I get home, I retreat to my basement, don my cloak and spandex, and venture out into the night to save the world. I am a superhero. I save children from burning buildings; I save cats from burning dogs.  I... Continue Reading →

Ohh, the Irony.

I named my blog Writer's Block because I couldn't think of anything besides "I'm Insane" or "Jelly Beans Taste Good." Little did I know, the title would come back to haunt me. I am writing a novel. My characters used to flow out of my mind like water down a downspout. I'm not sure that's a very good... Continue Reading →

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