See below for links to my poetry. Some of it began as my Childhood Poetry Series, in which I wrote first drafts of poetry about my family and childhood and posted them while I was exhausted in the middle of the night. Abandoning that idea, I started posting more quality (by that I mean 5th draft or more) poems on the blog for your enjoyment — or total loathing. The poetry from 2010 is what I wrote during my junior year of high school. I like to think it doesn’t completely suck.


Snow Globe 11-18-13

Champa (Childhood Poetry Series) 11-17-13

Porches Are For Brownie (Childhood Poetry Series) 11-16-13

Tura Lura (Childhood Poetry Series) 11-14-13

Blocks (Childhood Poetry Series) 11-13-13

Sad Banana 10-21-13

Ocean (Object Poem) 9-25-13

The Sea 6-10-10

Maui 6-10-10

White Flowers 6-10-10


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