A Few Fuck-Yous…

...Brought to you by international air and train travel. 1. Fuck you for wearing your skunk perfume on a plane (also on the train...I'm looking at you, passengers of renfe who showered in old man cologne). I'm glad you're making an effort to smell good but we're all hurtling through the sky in a coke... Continue Reading →

Randomly Selected

I'm flying to Seattle today! Yay! I'm going to Bumbershoot, a music festival in Seattle, and I'm also going to (surprise!) an international cat show. My gal pal Haylie and I are going to frolic and make flower chains for our hair and be generally delightful, so look forward to some fun posts about that!... Continue Reading →

Fisticuffs at Four

BAH traveling is hard. I mean, not hard compared to actually hard things such as getting into a ninja fight or climbing Mount Everest with one arm tied behind your back...but it's totally hard compared to chewing gum or putting on a sock. It gets harder when you're me and totally confused 90% of the... Continue Reading →

Hello, Seattle

Visiting a big city is weird. I'm not from a small town, per-say, but it definitely has that small town feel to it. Seattle is not a small town. There is a man yelling, "Fuck you!" outside the window of my sister's apartment. How comforting. I've never really flown all by myself before (I know,... Continue Reading →

To Scan or Not to Scan?

That seems to be the question nowadays. Recently, I've heard just about enough people yelling about airport body scanners to make me want to crush them with one. I mean, really.  Dear Airport Security, I give you full permission to scan my body at the airport. It's not like anyone else ever sees me naked, so we might as well test... Continue Reading →

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