Who, What, Where (A Brief Autobiography)

Contrary to popular belief, I am indeed still alive and well. It's been a rocky road (unfortunately not the ice cream, though I desperately wish it was), and I have absolutely not fulfilled my resolution to continue blogging more often, as it's been about 4 months since my last post. I've said this before (so many... Continue Reading →


Yesterday, my poetry professor asked if my "write" tattoo was part of the Skin project by Shelley Jackson from 2004. When I explained that I would've been 11 years old in 2004, so my tattoo didn't stem from that particular project, he explained it to me. I'm obsessed and in awe and shocked and in... Continue Reading →

The Many Faces of Cappy

I like to Google my name to find out who has been named after me...because obviously I'm so famous that people name their children Cappy simply because they love me so much. I make lots of rounds kissing babies and whatnot. I'm a regular public figure. A soda by any other name would NOT taste... Continue Reading →

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