Remember when I used to blog? Yeah, I barely remember either.... I'm watching Julie & Julia, the movie that started this whole blog off in the first place. I figured if Julie Powell could utilize her writing and cooking skills through a blog, that maybe I could try my hand at it too. At first, I wrote... Continue Reading →

I Don’t Have Writers Block Anymore…

Hello, my little chickadees. I've decided to change the name of my blog from Writer's Block to Cappy Writes...because, really, Writer's Block is just bad luck, isn't it? You can still reach my website at, but you can now also get to it through Which, really, is quite fancy. And much better than... Continue Reading →

Random Strangers

Why I Blog I don't usually stop and ask myself why I do things, but recently I've been wondering why I blog. Here's what I've come up with: 1. I want to make myself known in a world full of millions of writers, most of whom are a lot better at writing than I am. I want some... Continue Reading →

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