I’m Famous.

I, Cappy the Magnificent, have been discovered. I know, you've been waiting for this for a while. You spotted it from the beginning, from my very first (surprisingly serious) posts. You were sure I'd be famous by now. Well, now your dreams have come true. I guess mine have too. Anyway, I've been contacted by... Continue Reading →

Admit it: You’re Awesome

I've always been told to be modest, unassuming, and NOT self-centered. But sometimes you just have to look in the mirror and say: I'm awesome. Really, we all are. Everyone has something to offer, but if you think you're nothing, you effectively are. It's important to remember how fantastically fabulous you all are (ok, we all are... Continue Reading →

Random Strangers

Why I Blog I don't usually stop and ask myself why I do things, but recently I've been wondering why I blog. Here's what I've come up with: 1. I want to make myself known in a world full of millions of writers, most of whom are a lot better at writing than I am. I want some... Continue Reading →

You’re Afraid

Today, I noticed someone was sent to my blog by Google (ohhh Google, you're almost as weird as me) with the search "I'm afraid my tall strong wife beats me." First, I want to find this person and give him a cuddle. Then I want to ask if he means "I'm afraid! My tall strong... Continue Reading →

Ohh, the Irony.

I named my blog Writer's Block because I couldn't think of anything besides "I'm Insane" or "Jelly Beans Taste Good." Little did I know, the title would come back to haunt me. I am writing a novel. My characters used to flow out of my mind like water down a downspout. I'm not sure that's a very good... Continue Reading →

This Is My Life

Two recent searches that brought people to my blog caught my attention today. Someone typed in "Bella Swan stupid," thereby restoring my faith in humanity. Someone else (who I really really love but who might have a pretty intense form of ADD) wrote "I love you are my best friend big dinosa." That's it. They didn't even finish the... Continue Reading →

The People Who Read This…

...apparently get here by clicking really weird stuff. Maybe their cat sits on their computer mouse or something. Or they have a really violent spasm and whack the keyboard super hard. I have gotten:  A LOT of hits from people clicking this link: obama-scandal-exposed.co.vids. I don't even know what that is. Sorry, all you people who are expecting... Continue Reading →

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