Rain, Rain, You Can Stay

Rain makes me write poetry. Well, more specifically my professor makes me write poetry, but rain definitely helps me get into the mood. On a semi-related note, I already misplaced my brand new copy of The Complete Works of Sylvia Plath. Way to go, Caps. Clean your room.Anyway, we were given an assignment in class... Continue Reading →

Is Everyone Gay?

I've been a wee bit absent lately because...well, there are lots of reasons: 1. Sorority recruitment is intense. We prepared for 6 days, then recruited for 5. My sorority had about 65 members two weeks ago...now we have 115. NEW MEMBERS GALORE! 2. I now have a job. Ish. I work for the alcohol and... Continue Reading →

It’s Hard to Go to Class…

Only really, it's not. There are at least 1000 things that are harder than going to class, and I've made a list (and a handy bar graph) to help you understand. Here in America, it's hard to go to class, but here are a few examples of what might possibly be harder: 1. Being handicapped.... Continue Reading →

Movie Stars and Have You Ever?

I want to live in an old movie. I've watched black and white movies for as long as I can remember. My childhood consisted of regular kids programs like Mr. Rogers and Sesame Street, but it was filled mainly by movies from the 30s and 40s (like Arsenic and Old Lace, The Thin Man, The... Continue Reading →

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