Happiness at the Hands of a Band

I saw a Neutral Milk Hotel concert recently and ran into a friend of a friend who had been a fan of the band since 1999. She'd waited 16 years to see them in concert, and was so excited (and incredibly intoxicated) to finally be there. She said, and I'm quoting here: "I cried all... Continue Reading →

Thank You

Dear Death Cab, Thank you. Thank you for playing Transatlanticism in its entirety last night. Thank you for not speaking between songs because "that's not how you'd listen to an album." Thank you for making me cry like an idiot in the middle of thousands of people. Thank you for turning the 5 minute long... Continue Reading →

Rock on (Part 2)

Last week, I wrote about concerts I've been to. I'm focusing on things I've done rather than what I wish I could. So here's the second half of that list. Enjoy :) 5. Meiko/Keaton Simons A friend of mine invited me to the concert because he was in love with Meiko, and she was opening... Continue Reading →

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