Can We Talk About This Idiot Trend?

Errbody in this place gettin' stupid. For real, though. I honestly heard someone ask someone else why people kept talking about this cereal war. Because Obama is really concerned about chemical weapons in cereal. Tell those Mini Wheats to knock it off! The other day in class, immediately after my professor explained that we were... Continue Reading →

I’m Here!

So I transferred colleges. The place where I was before was...well...imagine Edward Cullen's favorite climate, add another bucket of rain, and you've got it. I transferred to a college closer to home. Orientation started today, the semester starts on Monday, and I've already learned a few things: 1. They're obsessed with cheese here. 2. We... Continue Reading →

Is There Some Kind of Lesson Here?

College is not what I expected. At all. That's probably my fault, honestly. I had these dreams about going away to college and truly realizing who I am and what I'm meant to be, and I've thought about going here, to this specific place, since I was 12. So I guess it's all the fault... Continue Reading →

How Health Class Changed My Life

1. I learned that you can become water intoxicated. That's right children, you should drink more beer and less water....okay, that's a lie. But really, if you drink too much water your body can't handle it and you EXPLODE! Or something a little less violent. 2. Men find testicular lumps in exactly this way: Zoom in on... Continue Reading →

How It Went Down

Once upon a time, there was a little boy named Amazon, and his big brother was always watching him... In 2009, Amazon remotely removed 1984 (along with Orwell's Animal Farm) from customers' Kindles. The books were removed after Amazon realized that they did not have the rights to digitally publish the books on Kindles, and... Continue Reading →

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