Chemo (Part 1): My Dad Bought Me Fudgesicles

I did it! I had my first chemo infusion yesterday. I was at the clinic for 5 hours total, talking to doctors, getting blood work, getting the actual was a lot. They give you lots of stuff pre-chemo, too, so I got an IV of fluids, then benedryl and tylenol, then a steroid and... Continue Reading →

Free to Be You and Me…Until You’re Uncomfortable?

I've noticed that people tend to be all aboard the gay rights train until their kid or friend or coworker comes out to them. For whatever reason, we can theoretically accept strangers for who they are but are unwilling to tell loved ones that they're still important to us and that we love every bit of them,... Continue Reading →

Happy Happy

I just wanted to sit down and write something in the middle of the night because…I’m happy. I’m happy because I’m warm in my bed and it’s absolutely frigid outside. I’m happy because I’m going home this weekend to visit my family and exist outside of this college town for a few days. I’m reading... Continue Reading →

Porches Are For Brownie

I'm all for smilingbut that woman is baring her teeth at me.Why, Giada? Why? They...sparkle...And Ina, I know that Francewith its shops and street corners, berets and baguettesis enchantingbut why must you tease me like that?Hey, you. Sandra LeeWhat's in a name? You might as well be calledSandra Dee, with your spiffy cooking ideas andadorable... Continue Reading →


My grandmother turned 93 years old on Friday. 93 years old. Can you imagine? The wonderful and terrible things she's seen... She was born in 1920 in Delaware. Her mother died giving birth to her, and she was raised by her aunt and uncle (who she thought were her real parents until apparently she overheard... Continue Reading →

I Have Learned

What I've learned since the year 2000: 1. When my dad says he took the bar exam, that does not mean he was training to be a really awesome bar tender. 2. People will come and go, but sour candy...that stuff's forever. Literally. I think it's radioactive, and I mean that in the best possible... Continue Reading →

Single and Satisfied

Single. That's me. Call me up sometime. Kidding! In fact, I'm doing okay being alone. I think it's hilarious that we say that - I'm alone just because I'm single. That seems to imply that I have no friends (ok, you got me...I don't) or family. I'm just happily boyfriendless. That's not to say that if Enrique... Continue Reading →

Why I Love Airport Terminals at Night

Because that's when people love each other the most. 1. Darkness. It's usually dark out at night, unless you live in The Land of Sarah Palin (Alaska...I'm sorry that I draw that connection) or The North Pole (SANTA!). Darkness makes people more loving...maybe it's the fact that everything feels softer at night or that it... Continue Reading →

Long Time Ago When We Was Fab

Once upon a time, there was me. I was pretty cute, little, and very (shockingly) blonde, in a 4-year-old model sort of way. I still look like that. Incredibly attractive, blonde...did I mention incredibly attractive? I don't look 4 anymore though... Anyway, I had this great friend, Jenny. We were pretty tight until she got... Continue Reading →

How to be a Champ (Part 2)

Step 1: Enter the elevator of a medical building with your dog. Step 2: Let your dog poop on the carpeted floor of that elevator. Step 3: Make sure you let your dog do it right next to my mother's foot. Step 4: Don't apologize or warn my nice smelling, sweet mother that she's about to... Continue Reading →

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