Revenge of the Wasp (Get It?)

So remember last week when I got stung by a wasp in the middle of cold, cold fall? Well, there have been tons of wasps where I live, and I keep killing them in the hallway, and it's kind of turning the place I live into a house of horrors because I'm so terrified of... Continue Reading →


Halloween: it's the most wonderful time of the year. Not to be confused with Christmas, which is the most SnoWonderful time of the year. I dressed as Ke$ha, which probably makes me a big hypocrite, because I ranted last week about why people shouldn't be tarts on Halloween. But I promise you this: I did not act... Continue Reading →

How to Dress for Halloween

In light of the many parties you will undoubtedly attend (you cheeky minxes), I shall now bestow upon you my supreme knowledge of costumes. I'll start with what NOT to wear. Because I'm better at being negative. Ladeeez: Please refrain from any type of "slutty [insert noun here]." If you're going to go out dressed like a... Continue Reading →

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