Technology Does Weird Things to Me

When I say that, I don't mean I've been operated on by mutant robots (my appointment isn't until Friday, and they say I should make a full recovery, but I'll definitely have a bionic arm. Hopefully it doesn't turn against me). I do mean that the interwebs and iPhones and whatnot make me do and... Continue Reading →

There Must Be Rehab for This

Some of you (none of you) have noticed that I no longer have a Facebook. Why, you ask? Oh, no reason. Okay, there were lots of reasons: 1. Who cares about what happens on Facebook? I could care less that you went to a magic show and that it "blew your mind." Or that it... Continue Reading →

We’re All Cowards Here

This is the internet (in case you didn't remember). It's a great place, full of pictures of kittens, recipes, social media, and, you guessed it, some pretty great writing. But it's also a place full of assholes. I'm talkin' to you, anonymous commenters of the world. I do it too. I did it last week... Continue Reading →

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