Remember when I used to blog? Yeah, I barely remember either.... I'm watching Julie & Julia, the movie that started this whole blog off in the first place. I figured if Julie Powell could utilize her writing and cooking skills through a blog, that maybe I could try my hand at it too. At first, I wrote... Continue Reading →


Why I Owe My Happiness to (The Essence of) Julia Child

1. She was a very tall woman (well over 6 foot), but she wasn't afraid to marry a short man. I mean, technically you shouldn't be afraid to marry a short person in the first place, but society sets these standards that the woman is supposed to be small and frail and the man should be... Continue Reading →

Classy Cooking

There's always been something so glamorous about cooking. There need not be a stiletto in your closet if you have the capability to feed your lover delicious food. I don't mean it in the sense of "Woman, make me a sandwich!" I mean that people fall in love around food probably more than anything else. Think... Continue Reading →

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