It Went A Little Like This…

One of my dearest readers, Hans, asked me to write a post about my first kiss, and Ben was rather anxious to get another post out of me as soon as possible, so I thought I'd throw modesty to the wind and tell you all one more time how awesome I can be. I was a bit... Continue Reading →

No Touching!

Some of the things people do when they’re in relationships amaze me. Like, how exactly does the kissing-photograph go down? “Hey, I really like you, so we should take a photo together while we kiss.” No. I’m sorry, but that’s really annoying. And if you do that, then…well, stop. It might be less obnoxious if... Continue Reading →

How the Dental Assistant Ruined My Life

I always loved the dentist when I was little because he was my dad's friend, I'd get a toy after he checked my teeth, and the fluoride he had me use tasted all tingly and grapey and nice. But a few years ago, all that changed, partly because I was too old to get toys anymore, but also because the dental assistant said... Continue Reading →

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