7 Signs You’re A Crazy (Awesome) Cat Lady

  1. You frequently wake up to your cat head-butting your face for kisses and immediately oblige, no matter the hour.
  2. Your Instagram feed is entirely composed of photos of you and your cat.
  3. You spend an enormous amount of time showing people the above mentioned pictures and/or talking incessantly about your cat.
  4. You choose to stay home and have an “evening in” with your cat instead of going out.
  5. Your cat has started jumping in the shower with you and you’re kinda okay with it.
  6. Your cat insists upon peeing in her litter box while¬†you’re peeing. And you’re kinda okay with it…
  7. All photos of your cat are sassily captioned:

Luna is experiencing ennui



My Cat is Cuter Than Yours

20130309-231848.jpgThis topic is not up for discussion. My cat. Is cuter. Than yours.

Because I’m a nutcase cat lady and my cat is legitimately my boyfriend (He’s already wearing a tuxedo! He’s such a classy little gent!), I thought I’d show you a million pictures of him on my blog. I’m like that weird lady that keeps hundreds of pictures of her children in her wallet and accosts you at random moments to brag about their ballet performances, etc.

But you have chosen to be here. You clicked this link, and there’s no going back now. Look. Look at my cute cat.

20130309-231741.jpgAt this particular moment, Mickey had just murdered someone (probably one of my dear relatives, but apparently she wasn’t that dear because I haven’t noticed my cat ate her) and had that crazed look in his eyes. “Hello, Cappy. I am a serial killer. Blooood.”

20130309-231825.jpgThen he decided that tissue paper at Christmastime = snowbank. What a doll.

20130309-233139.jpgHe used to be a little midget! We got him from the Humane Society and I honestly wanted to name him Midge…thankfully, that didn’t happen because he’s 17 lbs now, all lean and fluffy and long. Meow.

20130309-231953.jpgHe lets me snuggle him sometimes in the sunshine. Ain’t nothin’ better.

Seriously, guys, I love my cat way too much.

I’m on Spring Break, muffins! This is very exciting, as I am 2 hours away from boarding a train to the midwest. Stay tuned for updates, since I’m pretty sure there’s going to be a murder, or someone will be stealing a diamond, or maybe we’ll be boarded by drug smugglers in Fargo…either way, something scandalous is bound to happen! Cheers, wish me luck, and TOOT TOOOOOOOOT!