Freeman, Past and Present

Some of you may have heard about the most recent school shooting, this one at Freeman High School in Rockford, WA (near Spokane). What most of you don't know is that I grew up there, know those people, and attended Freeman Elementary and Middle Schools before transferring to a high school out of district. Freeman... Continue Reading →

Sup, Y’all

Welcome, newly baked muffins! (Before you think that was a drug reference, it wasn't! It was a food reference, which is much more my style!) I'm so glad to have you all here, mostly because you're my only friends and I've gained 200 more of you. I'm kidding. I think... Anyway, hi, and thank you... Continue Reading →

I Was Destined for Politics

Some of you might not know that I was Vice President of the Associated Student Body in middle school. Well, I was. And I was awesome. So to prove how awesome I was back in 8th grade, here is the speech I gave to get elected. On the internet. Published. Immortalized forever. Can't be taken... Continue Reading →

I’m So Smooth

The one time I met a famous author, I got my arm stuck in a vending machine. Rewind. I was in 7th grade. Let's also remember that I was fantastically awkward, had braces, and probably a horrible haircut. I also LOVED books. That part hasn't changed, though I like to think the awkwardness and bad haircut... Continue Reading →

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