This Time I am Reviewing a Music Video

Let me preface this by saying that 1. I like T-Swift and 2. What the heck happened in this music video?

Follow along with the video! It’ll be like a PBS show, or one of those sing-along videos with Mickey’s head bouncing on top of the words!

0:08: Ok, good, I like your lipstick, how do you get it to look so perfect? Seriously though, cuz it’s like…videoshopped…

0:13: You’re like a DJ when you do that wicky-wicky thing with your hand. I don’t hate it, but…don’t do it again.

0:19 You are wearing extremely large fake glasses whyyyyyyy?


0:45: WHAT THE HELL DANCING ANIMALS? Extremely enthusiastic dancing animals…also are you planning on changing out of your jammies? You gotta be strong, girl, you gotta get out of bed and stop doing LSD. Breakups are hard, eat a McFlurry.

1:30: I like your phone. It kinda matches the wallpaper, and matching is good. Unless you match several different shades of green in a “trendy” outfit, at which point you should just go join the army. So don’t do that, but YOU HANG UP THAT PHONE GIRLFRIEND!

1:38: Soulful animal playing the harpsicord. I like it.

1:48: Your cardboard car will fall apart if it rains. Just like your relationship with that jerk. Who looks like a ding dong if I do say so…

1:50: The monkey in the middle is creepy and…

1:55: OH GOD he’s so excited. Make him stop. He’s like an ugly muppet stop stop stop.

2:10: He had a scarf on in the springtime. That is reason numero uno that you should dump his sad booty.

2:17: What’d you see behind him? A lot of lusty girls trying to get his attention? IS HE A CHEATER? He’s so mean.

2:30: I have now been invited into a party by a dancing bear and an excited girl wearing a billowy shirt. Never thought I’d say that.

2:40: Ok you look super cute wearing your little ’50s homemaker dress. Seriously stop it’s so cute. Seriously. So cute. Seriously. Ok sorry.

3:15: Aw you winked at me! That was nice of you. I’m glad you’re happy now that you dumped his scarf-wearing ass. You deserve a McFlurry!

Ok so that was me watching a music video like a small child on YouTube and I didn’t edit this and now I shall post it. Keep in mind that I’m a jerk about things. K Thanks Bye!

PS The amount of times I had to watch this video to write this was kind of excruciating, so you’d better appreciate my efforts.


Born This Way Video: A Review

Gaga, you’ve outdone yourself.

There’s a lot to say about this particular video. If you thought Gaga had gone crazy in her Alejandro or Bad Romance videos, you thought wrong. This is Gaga gone crazy. Before I go on, you should probably watch:

Okay, now that you’ve got it fresh in your mind, here we go. This is the manifesto of Mother Monster. And it is. It’s the birth of someone, and though not completely new, she’s put out there in an entirely different way. It’s put out there, through a really creepy music video, to make us think.

You can go really in depth on this video. It may sound strange, but I think this thing’s pretty deep. It’s full of ideas we really need to think about. It’s abstract, and I don’t get a lot of it, but I think the most truthful thing I’ve heard all week was this line: It seems easy, you imagine, to gravitate instantly and unwaveringly towards good. But, she wondered, how can I protect something so perfect without evil? It’s so true. This woman, young and half naked, thought crazy by half the world, could teach us all a few things. The battle between what is good and what is bad will always be prevalent in our society. And while I don’t completely understand the connection between that statement and this video (I see a few threads, but not enough that I feel comfortable stating them as fact), I think it’s an important thing to remember: it’s never gonna be easy to know what to do.

While I could’ve done without the creepy birthing scenes and the goo in the beginning, I think that video conveyed the point she was trying to make. No matter what we may say about Gaga (that she’s way too out there, that she needs to put some clothes on, that she’s an attention hog, that she is a bad example for our youth), you have to admit: the chick has a point. We are who we are, we were born this way, we’re all out to do great things and nobody can stop us. We all want to be comfortable enough in our own skin to sing this and mean it; we all want to be comfortable enough to dance around in a bra and panties in front of a camera. And while many people may say that’s sinful, inappropriate, whatever, they’re missing the point. We need to celebrate the beauty inside of ourselves. We need to celebrate ourselves, naked (whether figuratively or literally) and organic, before we can go out and accomplish anything. This isn’t to say that you’d better be skinny and wear no clothing or you’re not worth anything. It’s the symbolism: think of your true self as what you need to bear, fully and truly, to the world. Your true self needs to come out in all its naked glory.

I think what scares people most about Gaga is not that she puts on costumes and meat dresses, not that she sometimes wears nothing but caution tape, not that she sings about sex, not that she came to the Grammys in an egg. I think what scares us most is that she’s not afraid to do all of that. She’s not afraid to just be who she is.
Personally, Lady Gaga is an inspiration to me. And she doesn’t have to be an inspiration to you, but she means a lot to many people in my generation. She gives us hope, she lets us dance, she says we can be anyone and anything we want. And though we have been told that halfheartedly by everyone else since our youth, when she says it, we believe it. Because she lives that statement. She was born this way.