Forget It, Cappy. It’s Just Chi-Town.

“Do you wanna stop viiiiiiiolence?” sang a man with long black hair on the street corner, waving a pamphlet in my face and doing a little leap/jig. That’s Chicago, now characterized in my mind by amazing food and crazy people. And train travel. I took the train across the country and visited my family north... Continue Reading →

Chad, Stop Shouting

Why is everyone in college such a bro? Everybody wears crew necks and shouts things. And apparently there are more than a few people here named Brock. Top 8 reasons I pull my hair out at this place: 1. A girl in front of me at the soft serve machine "messed up" on her ice... Continue Reading →

When I Rule the World

1. Everyone will have a British accent, because it's so much easier to sound clever that way. 2. Saint Cappy's day will be a universal holiday. No big deal. 3. No one will ask me if I feel like a plastic bag. Because I do. Sometimes I have to swallow a rock just so I... Continue Reading →

Your Gay Friend Is Not a Fashion Statement

He is just your friend...who happens to be gay. Why is it that we are so accepting of gays who are flamboyant, open, and feminine, but are sometimes less accepting of those who are more introverted and quiet? At times, we allow ourselves to be friends with homosexual men solely because of that homosexuality.  This sexuality is... Continue Reading →

Why I Love Airport Terminals at Night

Because that's when people love each other the most. 1. Darkness. It's usually dark out at night, unless you live in The Land of Sarah Palin (Alaska...I'm sorry that I draw that connection) or The North Pole (SANTA!). Darkness makes people more loving...maybe it's the fact that everything feels softer at night or that it... Continue Reading →

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