Sad Banana

Imagine: A rain stick swishes softly in the background. A girl performs an interpretive dance involving a lot of stretching, then balling up on the ground, then stretching, then rolling around. Then stretching, while I recite the poem... Oh, banana. Why are you so sad? Yellow butter skin bruised by the softest touch bruised by... Continue Reading →

Rain, Rain, You Can Stay

Rain makes me write poetry. Well, more specifically my professor makes me write poetry, but rain definitely helps me get into the mood. On a semi-related note, I already misplaced my brand new copy of The Complete Works of Sylvia Plath. Way to go, Caps. Clean your room.Anyway, we were given an assignment in class... Continue Reading →

Make Me Accountable

I was going to do all these things to be more spiritual, well rounded, and happy. And I started over the summer when I had time to focus on them. Now I have time, but I've become scatterbrained and keep forgetting/being lazy. Make me do these things, dear readers! - Start learning Hindi. I bought... Continue Reading →

One Organic Hazelnut

While we're on the topic of the election, I thought I should share with you a poem that I heard last year. At my previous university, I went to open mic night every week to listen to music and poetry. Of course, I loved some of the musicians and hated others (everyone seemed to think that... Continue Reading →

White Flowers

the white flowers flutter gently as they sway in the breeze and the vioces run and mumble as they whisper to me oh i hear you yes i hear you come alive once again come through the trees yes stay near me and ascend to heaven i prayed for you i stayed with you and... Continue Reading →

The Sea

In the waves, see a million miles of color. 'Neath the waves, the fish dash, dive for cover. And the greens and the blues Mix together to create a hundred hues I wanna paint the sea. Oh, cuz there's so much to see, yeah there's so much to see It won't wait for me I... Continue Reading →


breezes of Hawaii, palm trees nodding to the beat of a song played on the radio I'm melting in the heat makes me want to stay forever and to run at the same time here i am where sounds of water and the sounds of whale song rhyme.

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