Halloween: it's the most wonderful time of the year. Not to be confused with Christmas, which is the most SnoWonderful time of the year. I dressed as Ke$ha, which probably makes me a big hypocrite, because I ranted last week about why people shouldn't be tarts on Halloween. But I promise you this: I did not act... Continue Reading →

Stah Talk Talk Talkin’ That…

Blaah blah blah. Trashy? Or classy? Ke$ha switches roles with the jerk guys who terrorize girls at social gatherings. For those of you who don't know, Ke$ha is a pop singer who recently became famous with her CD "Animal." While I can't figure out if I like her or not (seeing as her songs tend... Continue Reading →

Going Gaga

The first time I ever heard Lady Gaga was in a car at 2 in the morning driving home from the midnight premier of Bruno (which, incidentally, was the most horrifying movie I have ever been forced to view). I was grumpy. I was tired. Some crazy lady on the radio was yelling "Boys Boys Boys!" and... Continue Reading →

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