How to Treat the Ladiez

1. Offer a lady your jacket. Really. If she says she's cold, it's your responsibility to chivalrously warm her up. And I don't mean by rubbing your body all over hers. I mean you should say, "Wow, Lady, you're cold? I shall save you from frostbite by giving my jacket up for you." She might... Continue Reading →

Single Bells

Have a look at a post I wrote over at "Ramblings of a Singleton" about being Single at Christmas. xoxo and ho ho ho!! Guest Blog: Single at Christmas.

I Will Give You Advice

Doesn't mean you should take it... My apologies for not blogging more lately and for not answering these questions faster. This past week, I slept with a pair of nylons tied around my head. Not because I wanted to strangle myself, but because my jaw hurt and this was the only way to close my jaw... Continue Reading →

Forbidden Love (Part 2)

Sighting: Goodwill Boy at the drugstore!! I saw Goodwill Boy at the drugstore!! I saw him, I saw him!! I love Goodwill Boy. He stood behind me in line. He bought 5 gum. I now know that he values fresh breath. Exciting! Dear Goodwill Boy, Hi. You are not really my type, even though I discovered... Continue Reading →

Forbidden Love

Have I mentioned that I am in love with the boy who works at the Goodwill dropoff? If you think I've mentioned it, you're wrong, because I just met him today. HA. I tricked you. I'm not entirely sure why this post is called Forbidden Love, because there doesn't seem to be anything forbidden about... Continue Reading →

Why I Love Airport Terminals at Night

Because that's when people love each other the most. 1. Darkness. It's usually dark out at night, unless you live in The Land of Sarah Palin (Alaska...I'm sorry that I draw that connection) or The North Pole (SANTA!). Darkness makes people more loving...maybe it's the fact that everything feels softer at night or that it... Continue Reading →

Long Time Ago When We Was Fab

Once upon a time, there was me. I was pretty cute, little, and very (shockingly) blonde, in a 4-year-old model sort of way. I still look like that. Incredibly attractive, blonde...did I mention incredibly attractive? I don't look 4 anymore though... Anyway, I had this great friend, Jenny. We were pretty tight until she got... Continue Reading →

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