Only the Lonely

The holidays can really suck. They're amazing and beautiful because it's the season of giving and a time to bake cookies and make snowmen and wear really cute winter outfits (okay, that last one's just me, but I'm cute year round). But they're also the loneliest time of the year. It's strange, because you're surrounded... Continue Reading →

I Miss You, What Are You Wearing?

When you think you're playing it cool but you're really just being a stalker. We've all done it. I (in all my magnificence and glory) have done it. You've done it. He, she, it does it. I bet James Bond did it once. You know what I mean: you like someone who you barely know, but... Continue Reading →

Love: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Love has started meaning different things to me lately. A friend of mine is in military training in Texas and is able to communicate only through letter. I got one from him today and he said I should write down what love meant to me yesterday and what it means today and tomorrow. So I... Continue Reading →

How to Make Any Chick Fall in Love With You

Step 1: Ride a white horse. Being in any way reminiscent of Fabio will get you a girl in about three seconds flat. Look Italian, wear loose fitting, low cut silk shirts (provided you have a tan and work out), have steamy get the picture. Step 2: Use romantic clichés. You complete me. I can't live without... Continue Reading →

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