And In The End…

It's been about a year since I first started this blog. I can't believe it! Through this, I've found myself, and it definitely helped having y'all reading!! So thank you. 47,000 hits later, I feel like I've truly accomplished something. And I'm graduating. Leaving this school, going on to another, feeling really really weird about... Continue Reading →

It’s Hard to Go to Class…

Only really, it's not. There are at least 1000 things that are harder than going to class, and I've made a list (and a handy bar graph) to help you understand. Here in America, it's hard to go to class, but here are a few examples of what might possibly be harder: 1. Being handicapped.... Continue Reading →

How Health Class Changed My Life

1. I learned that you can become water intoxicated. That's right children, you should drink more beer and less water....okay, that's a lie. But really, if you drink too much water your body can't handle it and you EXPLODE! Or something a little less violent. 2. Men find testicular lumps in exactly this way: Zoom in on... Continue Reading →

Rocket Science

I've had to take a few yoga breaths and channel my inner buddha in order to do this, but I'm ready now.. Lots of my friends read this blog. In fact, I'm pretty sure about 50% of all my readers are people I know personally (and one of them is my father...hi Dad), so this post is... Continue Reading →

How To Abduct People

Specifically, how to abduct your best friend who is going off to college without you. Step 1: Enlist other best friend to help snatch him in her big car. Big car + semi-small friend = success. Attract abductee with his favorite cologne (waft it through the air near his bedroom window or advertise that its... Continue Reading →

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