Only the Lonely

The holidays can really suck. They're amazing and beautiful because it's the season of giving and a time to bake cookies and make snowmen and wear really cute winter outfits (okay, that last one's just me, but I'm cute year round). But they're also the loneliest time of the year. It's strange, because you're surrounded... Continue Reading →

Single Bells

Have a look at a post I wrote over at "Ramblings of a Singleton" about being Single at Christmas. xoxo and ho ho ho!! Guest Blog: Single at Christmas.

Single and Satisfied

Single. That's me. Call me up sometime. Kidding! In fact, I'm doing okay being alone. I┬áthink it's hilarious┬áthat we say that - I'm alone just because I'm single. That seems to imply that I have no friends (ok, you got me...I don't) or family. I'm just happily boyfriendless. That's not to say that if Enrique... Continue Reading →

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