Where is my Vuvuzela?!

Sometimes I think I could really use a vuvuzela. It could come in handy in so many situations! Like these: 1. In class when the professor can't see you raising your hand. VUVUZELA! I have a question! 2. At Thanksgiving when you're running around trying to get the turkey and potatoes and stuffing ready and... Continue Reading →

Things I Like to Look At

I can guarantee this isn't going to be earnest at all.  Get ready to not hear about sunsets, lovers, or cute puppies. Let's begin the list. Enrique Iglesias - Spanish. Need I say more? I don't need to, but I will anyway. Because he's nice to look at, nice to listen to, and nice to... Continue Reading →

How to Pretend You’re a Soccer Enthusiast

In honor of the upcoming world cup final. Step 1: Call it football. Soccer isn't very popular in America, because we like to watch the other kind of football in which players don't actually use their feet. But true soccer fans call it football, or better yet, footie. Go ahead, get your best British accent... Continue Reading →

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