So uh…in case you guys were wondering…


This summer. Study abroad. INDIAAAAAAAA. Whatevs.

I found out today while I was studying for an exam (I may have been so heavily caffeinated that upon receiving the email I had an excitement- and caffeine-induced seizure in the library) and was immediately distracted, so I walked home to shake off some of the jitters. After studying a bit more at my apartment, I made the mistake of taking a study break and looking at some of the documents I was given about traveling abroad/housing info/class registration/plane tickets/visa info/don’t get malaria/this is gonna be a huge culture shock and…

Now I’m super overwhelmed. Super super excited, but also super overwhelmed. I have to constantly remind myself (seriously, every three seconds) that I have time to deal with all the paperwork and that I should just allow myself to be happy I got into the program and now it’s time to study for my test.


This must be what doing cocaine feels like. Except…not? I don’t know, my test tomorrow is for my drugs and alcohol class, so maybe if I was studying I’d know what the effects of cocaine are. Oops.

I’ve gone insane. The caffeine hasn’t worn off yet. To prevent myself from further embarassment, I’ll just stop here, but I’ll leave you with this lovely gem:

There’s an SNL episode in which Zac Effron explains the differences between attending a musical high school and actual college. He talks about a song he made up called “nervous but excited” and that song needs to be written (probably by me) because it’s exactly how I feel about India. Nervous, but excited.

So yeah, click here for the clip of that…

Love you all! Wheeeee!


We’re All Dying

finalsI have found the depths of the library. It’s kinda dark over here, I can’t lie. But it’s the only way to escape my aftermath-of-atomic-bomb disaster of a dorm room and get some studying done. Not that I’ve gotten any done yet…Oops. Sorry, college, WordPress calls.

It is that infamous week of the dead that comes just before finals week. And finals week comes right before the stress-induced coma that comes right before a food-induced coma that comes at the holidays. If that makes sense. Sorry, my brain fell out yesterday.

As my epic gal pal Chloe so wonderfully put it, “I don’t think I’ll ever feel the same as I do before finals. If it continued into my adult life, it could cause alcoholism, and that’s some dangerous territory.” Or at least I think she said that. I was overdosing on Ancient History at the time.

For those of you who don’t know, Dead Week is the week before Finals when students are supposed to study, prepare, etc for their final exams. At some universities, all classes are cancelled so that students don’t die of stress, while at other universities professors are prohibited from giving tests or assignments that week.

At my university, Dead Week isn’t very dead. I’ve already taken two tests this week, and I still have 5 finals next week (paper due Sunday night, and two exams each Monday and Tuesday). I want to write a strongly worded letter to someone in the administration and tell them that everyone I know is crumpling into a helpless heap because of this workload.

I have “stocked up” on my traditional 1 can of diet Pepsi that will get me through finals week (any more than a few sips a day and I’ll turn into a jittering mess) and am attempting to catch up on sleep this week, so hopefully I’ll pass everything and you won’t see me begging on the street selling “pretty paper, pretty ribbons of blue” before Christmas.

I think we all know I’d be a rubbish homeless person. Besides, the only thing I really could offer in return for $$$ would be to psychoanalyze you or do your makeup, and I while I can do a mean cat eye in 30 seconds, I feel like there’s a low demand for that on the streets. Ain’t nobody got time for that.