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Its my day off, so I'm laying on a blanket in the park reading a book and watching people play with their dogs. There's a little breeze, the kind that barely glides across your skin, the kind that feels so soft it's like a little kiss hello. My feet sit in the sun, the rest... Continue Reading →

Summer Vacations Are Over

I just realized I'll never have three solid months off for the summer ever again. And if we're being totally honest, I'm not that sad about that. I never really loved summer vacation. I grew up in a pretty rural area, but it wasn't so rural that everyone¬†else¬†lived in a rural area....if that makes sense...... Continue Reading →

Happy Tanniversary

Oh, hey. Didn't see you there! Guess what I just did? Got tanned. Spray tanned, that is, for the first time and for a number of reasons, which I shall list! 1. I'm pale. Like, really pale. Not my-skin-barely-covers-my-veins pale, but pale nonetheless. 2. It's my one year anniversary with my boyfriend tomorrow, and I... Continue Reading →

I Am: Boiled Lobster

I am a pale girl. It's just a fact of life. I'm not albino, nor do I have that white-blonde hair that turns green with chlorine or makes me look sick, but I'm pale nonetheless. And this weekend, I turned into a lobster. I was at the lake with some friends and we were all... Continue Reading →

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