Here I am, sitting in the dining room of a small Spanish grandmother, looking at a silver plaque of "La Ultima Cena de Jesus" (The Last Supper) whilst a cool breeze blows across my shoulders. It's bright out -- surprisingly less humid than the past four days -- and I can hear the neighbors chatting... Continue Reading →

The Many Faces of “Excuse Me”

Last weekend, I went on a vacation that involved a resort, a lake, and a lot of amazing food. My dad and I rode 26 miles on our bikes to get there, and it occurred to me that the best memories I have with him are on two wheels. We race each other, check that... Continue Reading →


breezes of Hawaii, palm trees nodding to the beat of a song played on the radio I'm melting in the heat makes me want to stay forever and to run at the same time here i am where sounds of water and the sounds of whale song rhyme.

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