Three spiders have made their homes outside my apartment windows. Sometimes, I watch them spin their webs in the dark, orange streetlights barely illuminating the fibers. Usually they're sheltered from the rainy Oregon weather but every so often, when it rains sideways, huge holes appear in the¬†meticulously symmetrical designs. I'm always so amazed at the... Continue Reading →

I Have Learned More

Happy New Year, muffins! I wish we could've all been classy together and that we could've kissed at midnight! Instead, I hope you all had fun ringing out the old and ringing in the new! I gave Chloe two pretentious cheek kisses at midnight, and I'd say that sufficed this year. She is my ladylove,... Continue Reading →

It Hath Snowed!

It's snowing. Which was awesome two months ago, but then the sun came out and I was¬†so over the snow. Then I got totally pranked. Before I transferred here, I was at a college where the closest you ever got to snow was nasty sleet. I missed this fluffy white stuff practically as much as... Continue Reading →

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